Press for Intimate Portraits and Ambient Gestures by solarminds:

Review in Son of Marketing: Unknown Music Pleasures 8.16.16

…evocative and haunting well-reshaped ambient textures…Read More

13 Reviewers Agree:  “ritualistic goddess worship”, is “too experimental.”

“like an industrial whimper slowly growling” … “really cool textures and sound design” … “a little too avant garde,” and a bunch of other bad (non)reviews…Read More


Interview with solarminds by Middle Tennessee Music Blog 8.1.16

What does Wayne Coyne have to do with the new album? What was the last song Chris listened to (at the time of the interview? Which albums exploded Chris’ teenage mind? And, much much more…Full Q&A Here


Review in Deruting Magazine (Spain) 6.29.16

Solarminds takes us on an introspective, deep journey, with much to experience. The songs are tangible, the music full of texture. I believe a second listen -with headphones- is a must…Read More (link to original article in Spanish) [a link to a translated version in English from the original Spanish by the original author is here]

“just do the maximum and try to feel things” featured in Middle Tennessee Music’s “Indie Music Spotlight” 6.27.16


Press for a lighthouse for the Sun by solarminds:

Review on by PMMasterson 1.17.08
[note: this music blog is now defunct, buy you can read the entire review by clicking “Read More” below]

At its most base description, A Lighthouse for the Sun is a band in love with space-rock and shoegaze and post-rockand maybe a little noise-pop. But it’s also none of those things. It’s a record steeped in a history dating back hundreds of years and modernized to be put in terms of what the average music listener knows rather than what musicology students study….Read More

Get Wiggy with This –  Review in San Diego Reader 1.16.08

It’s conceptual audio art, and it’s not for everyone. By track four, I’m impressed. No instrument misses a chord or beat. Even though it’s oddball stuff, it’s well played, relaxing, and forces contemplation, which seems to be Solarminds’ intended goal…Read More

“my salvation (saved)” featured in San Diego Reader’s “As I Heard it” 12.6.07

That would be a good song for going on a long trip…Read More

Interview with Tim Pyles on FM94.9 12.21.08