X-Rays and Open Transmissions

X-Rays and Open Transmissions (2016) by solarminds

Limited run bonus disc of live material, remixes, demos, and other exclusive tracks to accompany Intimate Portraits and Ambient Gestures. Official Release 6.21.16
13 Reviewers Agree:  “ritualistic goddess worship”, is “too experimental.”

“like an industrial whimper slowly growling” … “really cool textures and sound design” … “a little too avant garde,” and a bunch of other bad (non)reviews…Read More

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Intimate Portraits and Ambient Gestures CD with X-Rays and Open Transmissions Bonus CD $20


 X-Rays and Open Transmissions CD $10


  1. I’ve let my suffering define my identity for too long [just a little longer remix] 4:38
  2. ritualistic goddess worship (2006) [2016 remix] 8:50
  3. grit in your teeth (or, the desert, sand and light) [demo] 6:38
  4. songs you sing to me [alternate version] 3:01
  5. must go on (earth’s core mix 2006) [2016 remix] 15:42
  6. feel the maximum and just do [the strings version] 4:23
  7. things I’ve done (for you god) [live] 8:23