Pisces Shadow

After the untitled album (1996) and breathe EP (1998), Chris began working on a set of recordings to send to various independent record labels with the hope of striking some kind of album or licensing deal.  The good folks at Dark World International (at the time it was called Dark World Inc.) took interest.  Chris rented an ADAT a mixer and other gear and for one month, with the help of a couple friends, recorded as much material as possible.  He took the ADAT tapes with him across the country, and after two weeks of intense mixing and producing with Dark World, the Pisces Shadow albums were born.

The original intention was to do one album, but Chris had recorded so much material, that it was decided to do two albums.  The albums are pretty dark, but not all dark.  They almost work as a double album.  Kali in Spring (2000) being the noisier, more experimental “side,” and November Kali (2000) softer, more acoustic guitar, strings, and open space.  The Paris Sessions (2000) has remixes of three songs from the “Kali” albums.