Founding member of Pisces Shadow, co-founding member of the band solarminds,  solo-artist, and “psycho-sonic-shamanic-soundwave-surfer, aural astronaut, free-stylin’ feedbacker, wigged-out wah pedaling waltzer, writer, cat lover, and visionary,” Chris Miner, aka solarone, has been recording and performing since 1996 when he played in front of strangers for the first time at an open mic at Java Joe’s in Ocean Beach, CA, and in the same year self-released an untitled album on CD-R’s.  Very much inspired by his time with Dark World Inc. (now Dark World International), and the DIY ethos of Michael Gira’s Young God Records, Chris founded Mind Altering Records in 2005.


Chris has been a professional sound engineer for over two decades, and you can read a more extensive bio about that here.

Here is a brief listing of current and past projects. Click on the links for more detailed info about each project.


33 poems about Revolutionary Love…by Chris Miner, limited ed. poetry book, p. 2012 Mind Altering Records
this is not art – video performance piece by Chris Miner shown at UC Berkeley June 2012
Music for Seven Whales – sound installation commissioned for the Atomino Experimental Art and Music Festival, Crimmitschau, Germany, Aug 27-29, 2010.
Sun sessions, double CD-R, p. 2009 Mind Altering Records
Desert sessions, CD, unpublished 2006
tropical medication sessions, CD-R, p. 2006 Mind Altering Records
Music for Tai Chi Taught by Kathy Williams, soundtrack, 2006
psychosis vs. reality, CD-R, self released 2003
breathe (EP), CD , self released 1998
untitled album, CD-R, self released 1996



Click here for published writings by Chris.