Too Experimental

13 Reviewers Agree: “ritualistic goddess worship” (from X-Rays and Open Transmissions), is “too experimental.”


Here’s what a couple music blogs that declined to feature this track had to say about it:


“This is a little too avant garde for us I’m afraid.” – Howl and Echoes
“This was a bit too experimental for us. ” – Purple Melon
“Wow, mindbending tune! I think this would be a better fit on a chill / ambient blog than SBWR but thanks for submitting. ” – Sounds Better with Reverb
“A bit too experimental for my own taste this one Chris, I’d love to hear some crunchy snares on the off beat 🙂” – Soundspace
“Very experimental sounding just takes a little too long to kick off” – Noiseporn
“Thanks for sending this along. Love the probing sound, but didn’t feel like it progressed quite like I thought it would. Certain movements were held too long for my ears. ” – Milk Crater
“Obscure-sounding certainly — like an industrial whimper slowly growing. Some very beautiful moments, though also over-development considering the length. Didn’t capture me entirely throughout.” – Obscure Sound
“The intro is taking a bit too long for me and it’s too repetitive ” – Underground Industry
“Thanks for dropping the track. I can’t seem to relate into this sort of experimentalism, although there are guiding paths to open my mind through this remix…” – Give it a Spin
“Really cool textures and sound design. A bit too minimal for the blog though.” – Asian Dan
“The intro was a little too long but the tempo was good. I thought the intro was lengthy but I enjoyed the sounds midway “” – Leakrew
“This is a little too experimental for me. Though it has a good built-up and stuff.” – Desende Beren
“A lot of really cool themes here, but this one was a little too experimental for us. Send us more, especially if you have anything that’s slightly more cohesive and toned down than this one.” – Blisspop