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Rituals is a three part series by Sun Color Sound. Ritual One (Climbing the Fire into the Sky) is out now. Ritual Two (Dreaming into the Deep) will be available this winter solstice (Dec 21, 2023), and Ritual Three will be out later next year.
This is a digital release – available to purchase and stream on all the usual digital platforms.

Her Spirit Cracked the Sky (2021) by solarminds – $42
Limited edition of 42 180gram cherry and silver vinyl records. Each jacket features unique hand drawn art by Chris. “Epic…awe inspiring…pulls at the gut.” – Aural Aggravation 1.16.21.

Intimate Portraits and Ambient Gestures (2016) by solarminds – CD $11
A significant departure from the overdriven and highly effected multi-layered electric guitar sound of the lighthouse album, but, “whatever it gets, it gets louder and more psychedelic from this moment on.”

X-Rays and Open Transmissions (2016) by solarminds – CD $11
Limited run bonus disc of live material, remixes, demos, and other exclusive tracks to accompany Intimate Portraits and Ambient Gestures.

A Lighthouse for the Sun (2008) by solarminds – CD $11
Hailed as “Post-Religious Dream Music,” by Audioversity, and “Wiggy Atmospheric Lounge Music,” by the San Diego Reader, this is the “official” debut album from experimental, post-rock band, solarminds.

Out of Print & Pre-Mind Altering Records Projects:

  • Sun Sessions (2009) by solarone (CDx2) RIYL – drones, ambient, psychedelia, pollyrhythms, and pure psycho-sonic-shamanic-sojourns into and out of the depths of the universe and your mind.
  • Desert Sessions (2006) by solarone (CD-R) 10 cover songs, originally intended to be a gift from Chris to his parents in the Spring of 2006, but additional copies of the album were given away as well.
  • a lighthouse for the Sun demo album (2005) by solarminds (CD-R) The first version of the lighthouse album. Only a few of these songs actually made it to the band’s official debut album.
  • tropical medication sessions (2005) by solarone (CD-R) This project is essentially a study on what became “my salvation” on a lighthouse for the Sun. The album consists of 5 tracks, but there is no break in sound from one track to the next.
  • solarminds live set 6.10.03 (2003) by solarminds (CD-R) Live, direct to disc recording.
  • psychosis vs. reality (2003) by solarone (CD-R) The first album by solarone (Chris’ solo work)
  • solarminds complete set 4.23.03 (2003) by solarminds (CD-R) Live, direct to disc recording.
  • solarminds demo album one (2003) by solarminds (CD-R) Multi-track recording.
  • The Paris Sessions (2000) by Pisces Shadow (CD) Remixes of the Kali albums. Released by Dark World International.
  • November Kali (2000) by Pisces Shadow (CD) Released by Dark World International.
  • Kali in Spring (2000) by Pisces Shadow  (CD) Released by Dark World International.
  • breathe (1998) by Chris Miner (CD) 5 song EP. Precursor to Pisces Shadow projects.
  • untitled album (1996) by Chris Miner (CD-R) Early 4-track recordings.