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Her Spirit Cracked the Sky (2021) by solarminds – $42
Limited edition of 42 180gram cherry and silver vinyl records. Each jacket features unique hand drawn art by Chris. “Epic…awe inspiring…pulls at the gut.” – Aural Aggravation 1.16.21.

Intimate Portraits and Ambient Gestures (2016) by solarminds – CD $11
A significant departure from the overdriven and highly effected multi-layered electric guitar sound of the lighthouse album, but, “whatever it gets, it gets louder and more psychedelic from this moment on.”

X-Rays and Open Transmissions (2016) by solarminds – CD $11
Limited run bonus disc of live material, remixes, demos, and other exclusive tracks to accompany Intimate Portraits and Ambient Gestures.

A Lighthouse for the Sun (2008) by solarminds – CD $11
Hailed as “Post-Religious Dream Music,” by Audioversity, and “Wiggy Atmospheric Lounge Music,” by the San Diego Reader, this is the “official” debut album from experimental, post-rock band, solarminds.

Out of Print & Pre-Mind Altering Records Projects:

  • Sun Sessions (2009) by solarone (CDx2) RIYL – drones, ambient, psychedelia, pollyrhythms, and pure psycho-sonic-shamanic-sojourns into and out of the depths of the universe and your mind.
  • Desert Sessions (2006) by solarone (CD-R) 10 cover songs, originally intended to be a gift from Chris to his parents in the Spring of 2006, but additional copies of the album were given away as well.
  • a lighthouse for the Sun demo album (2005) by solarminds (CD-R) The first version of the lighthouse album. Only a few of these songs actually made it to the band’s official debut album.
  • tropical medication sessions (2005) by solarone (CD-R) This project is essentially a study on what became “my salvation” on a lighthouse for the Sun. The album consists of 5 tracks, but there is no break in sound from one track to the next.
  • solarminds live set 6.10.03 (2003) by solarminds (CD-R) Live, direct to disc recording.
  • psychosis vs. reality (2003) by solarone (CD-R) The first album by solarone (Chris’ solo work)
  • solarminds complete set 4.23.03 (2003) by solarminds (CD-R) Live, direct to disc recording.
  • solarminds demo album one (2003) by solarminds (CD-R) Multi-track recording.
  • The Paris Sessions (2000) by Pisces Shadow (CD) Remixes of the Kali albums. Released by Dark World International.
  • November Kali (2000) by Pisces Shadow (CD) Released by Dark World International.
  • Kali in Spring (2000) by Pisces Shadow  (CD) Released by Dark World International.
  • breathe (1998) by Chris Miner (CD) 5 song EP. Precursor to Pisces Shadow projects.
  • untitled album (1996) by Chris Miner (CD-R) Early 4-track recordings.