Sun sessions


Sun sessions (2009) by solarone




1. Prayers for a Beloved Sun (12:01)
2. a bright and failing Sun  (14:56)
3. the father, the Sun, and the Holy Mind (7:36)
4. Samurai Sun (priestess mix) (6:47)
5. the Worshiping Sun  (16:03)
6. the Annihilating Sun (9:00)
7. a Sacred Sun (9:59)


1. floating in space, circling the Sun (part one) (5:35)
2. the exploding Sun (6:28)
3. the beating heart of the Sun – the blood, the pulse, and the love (22:36)
4. seance for a Sun (12:22)
5. floating in space, circling the Sun (part two) (24:39)


RIYL – drones, ambient, psychedelia, pollyrhythms, and pure psycho-sonic-shamanic-sojourns into and out of the depths of the universe and your mind.


Several tracks on Disc One contain vocals/lyrics, as well as layers of guitar, mostly electric, where as Disc Two does not.  Disc Two is much more ambient, and aside from some subtle chanting on track four, is instrumental.


These recordings are raw and unmastered.
Most of the work for this project was done in 2004 and 2005, but some was also done in 2009.
All material on this double album was written, performed, recorded, and mixed by Chris Miner aka solarone (except where noted).


For this album, Chris/solarone used
a Yamaha Motif ES7,
a Yamaha MO6,
a microkorg,
a hand held camcorder,
acoustic and electric guitars,
various hand drums,
rain sticks,
tire chains,
and other percussion,
an ADAT,
a 24 channel mixing board,
a Loop Station,
plenty of effects,
and his voice.


The Tibetan chanting on “Prayers for a Beloved Sun” is from a field recording (via a camcorder) Chris made in 2003 during a close friend’s memorial service.


Starry Wizdom contributed
background vocals (disc one- track 6, and disc two track 4),
Yamaha Motif ES7 (disc one- track 1and disc two track 4),
and harp (disc one – track 4, disc two- track 4).