tropical medication sessions

tropical medication sessions (2005) by solarone






  1. the breaking Sun 7:34
  2. effort (meditative/medicated version) 28:23
  3. effortless love 6:21
  4. from dusk on through to the morning Sun 26:23
  5. the sinking Sun will always rise 6:49

This project is essentially a study on what became “my salvation” on a lighthouse for the Sun.  The demo CD solarminds made for a lighthouse for the Sun contains a song called “effort,” and it it this song is the basic motif that Chris embellished on for tropical medication sessions.  The album consists of 5 tracks, but there is no break in sound from one track to the next- it functions more like 5 movements or sections of one whole.  This solo elaboration of the original solarminds’s song “effort,” then became the solarminds’s  song “effort(less love),” which then became the song “my salvation.”

This album is a serious headphone journey!