X-Rays and Open Transmissions

X-Rays and Open Transmissions (2016) by solarminds

Limited run bonus disc of live material, remixes, demos, and other exclusive tracks to accompany Intimate Portraits and Ambient Gestures


CD $11



  1. I’ve let my suffering define my identity for too long [just a little longer remix] 4:38
  2. ritualistic goddess worship (2006) [2016 remix] 8:50
  3. grit in your teeth (or, the desert, sand and light) [demo] 6:38
  4. songs you sing to me [alternate version] 3:01
  5. must go on (earth’s core mix 2006) [2016 remix] 15:42
  6. feel the maximum and just do [the strings version] 4:23
  7. things I’ve done (for you god) [live] 8:23
13 Reviewers Agree:  ritualistic goddess worship, is “too experimental.”

“like an industrial whimper slowly growling” … “really cool textures and sound design” … “a little too avant garde,” and a bunch of other bad (non)reviews…Read More